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Photo courtesy of Emma Tiller Videography

Alex, owner of Bespoke Boutique, has loved most things  "geeky" her entire life and and being able to mix this in with business has been amazing. 

First starting Bow Wow Boutique NZ in 2014 due to her love of animals a few years later she started dabbling in human accessories. After getting the technology to be able to print custom designs on collars & leads she thought "what else can I print on?" And there is where Bespoke Boutique NZ would turn more and more into a conscious decision. 

She has also loved art but never had any talent doing it herself so she decided to reach out to few NZ artists she admired and here is where things started getting real and it was time to split the human accessories side of Bow Wow Boutique NZ to Bespoke Boutique NZ. 

Today we are working with Artists all over New Zealand to bring their art to life on everyday items so you can enjoy it in more ways than one. We are passionate about fandom and supporting artists so I bring to you Bespoke Boutique NZ. 

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